Wildfire Hold Off Thunderbirds to Win 22-21

-Chicago, IL-


The Chicago Wildfire are starting to see the fruits of their labor.

Saturday’s game against the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds will go down as one of the most exciting wins in the team’s young history. With a strong performance to start out the game, Pittsburgh played catch up until time finally expired in the 4th quarter, allowing the Wildfire to walk away with a 22-21 victory. After wiping his brow, Head Coach Adrian King was relieved to see the boys grab this W.

“We’ve known since our first trip to Madison that we can compete. We’ve been telling ourselves for weeks now that we’re only a matter of points away from being one of the best teams in the division. This win reaffirms that belief, and hopefully fuels our determination to keep excelling.”

While Michael Pardo and Pawel Janas led the attack offensively, it was Bill Kluender, Nick Zeman, and Jeff Weis that combined for 6 of the Wildfire’s 11 defensive turns. These turns proved to be most important in fending off Pittsburgh’s come back.

With just over a minute left to play, Pittsburgh’s offense attempted to close the game to within 1. A turn on the goal line gave the Wildfire defense a chance to break, building the lead to 2. With an overthrown pass to the endzone, Bill Kluender attempts a Greatest to keep Chicago’s hopes alive

So it seems there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

The Wildfire’s next game will be against Minnesota, Saturday, June 17th @ 7pm. Tailgate festivities begin at 5:30pm, join us a Lane Tech Stadium for yet another opportunity to turn the rest of the season around.




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