Wildfire Start Strong, Falter 17-20 to Wind Chill

-Chicago, IL-


Two games into the season, and the Chicago Wildfire looked like a bust for the AUDL’s Midwest Division. Yet, two games later, a different script is being written. The young team is continuing to prove they have a sense of resiliency about them after losing to the Minnesota Wind Chill 17-20 Saturday night.

Chicago’s team started off in control, throwing scores from midfield and continuing to test the Minnesota defense from different ranges throughout the first quarter. Even with the occasional turn, the offense fought hard to get the disc back and hold serve. Multiple breaks in the middle of the game opened it up for the Wind Chill, which allowed them to take the lead and coast to a winning finish.

Coach King and leadership have been open minded throughout the season playing with lines and trying to find who works best together. Notable changes in the Saturday’s line calling included Trent Kuhl moving over to offense, while the defense introduced University of Chicago teammates Judah Newman, and Jeff Weis. The strategy seemed to prove effective, with Kuhl throwing 3 scores and Weis getting a turn in the second half.

The second and third quarters proved to be the difficult times for Chicago. Breaks for the Wind Chill were converted 3 times in the second and twice in the third. What’s interesting is that the Wildfire start as strong as they finish. 5 goals in the first quarter and 4 in the fourth to match Minnesota both times show that team stays competitive throughout the entire game. What’s left to decide is whether or not adjustments need to be made in order to stay ahead in the middle of the game.

This Sunday the Wildfire take on Detroit for the second time this season. The Mechanix handed Chicago their biggest loss of the season 14-23 in Detroit. Will the boys of Chicagoland be able to stop the huck offense powered by Johnny Bansfield and Austin Engel? We’ll be sure to find out Sunday, 1pm at Lane Tech Stadium.




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