Chicago Loses Close Game to Madison 16-18

-Madison, WI-



The 2017 season has been a year of new beginnings for the Chicago Wildfire. An array of new faces not just within the playing roster, but throughout the organization as well. If the first two games are any indication, transitioning from one identity to another takes time. If last Saturday’s performance against Madison is any indication, things seem to be headed in the right direction.

Chicago headed into Madison with losses to both Pittsburgh and Detroit by more than 5 goals. Facing Madison, one of the toughest teams in the entire league, seemed like walking into a death trap. Oddly enough, the youth on the Wildfire seemed to welcome the challenge.

“While starting off a season with 2 losses is the last thing any team wants to do, it seems to have acted as a release valve for some of the younger players on the team.” Captain Jack Shey stated after the game Saturday.

“There wasn’t any pressure going into this game, and we embraced that. You could see it all the way down to the last point of the game. Guys wanted to keep playing, and I think that’s something this team hasn’t seen in a long time.”

Chicago jumped to an early lead Saturday to take the first half 9-7. Chicago’s offense seemed to play more like a team. Disc movement was quicker, more decisive as handlers were able to dump and swing efficiently. While the Wildfire hesitated to attempt highlight plays, their smart decisions kept things swinging in the right direction the majority of the first half.

It wasn’t until the third quarter that you began to see the inconsistency peeking through for Chicago. As Head Coach Adrian King put it in words for Tuesday Toss‘s Evan Lepler, Madison simply played more consistent:

“’We split the first and fourth quarters,’ said Chicago Coach Adrian King. ‘Wildfire won the second quarter, and they took the third, but their run was simply better… We were successful in that we accomplished our specific strategic goals. We outlined a couple guidelines for playing against their zone defense and were decently successful in not getting beat within those parameters… Although we lost, there’s a lot to be optimistic about. Our offense regained their confidence from the week before, and our defense had a better gameplan and was able to execute it. We actually won a few end-of-quarter situations, which we had struggled with in previous games.’”

While the Wildfire must hang yet another “L” on their season schedule, a 16-18 loss to the second best team in the division is something to be proud of. It’s something to be optimistic about with so much season left to play. If the boys can find a way to see the new beginning this performance brings, and build on that into each new game, we could see a lot more than just losses coming through this summer.




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