Chicago Loses to Detroit 14-23

-Madison Heights, MI-


Chicago failed to find a rhythm in Detroit as the Wildfire fell to the Mechanix 14-23 to bring the season record to 0-2. It is still apparent that this young Chicago team still needs time to find their stride in the middle of games.

Like the season opener, Chicago started the first quarter strong with a series of goals, followed with some breaks to get an early lead. Yet, as time wore on throughout the game, Detroit was able to create turns defensively and punch in scores. While the Wildfire found a couple more breaks throughout the game, it didn’t outweigh the number of turns going the other way.

“One thing we tried to focus on this game was creating more pressure on the disc this game, and I think we accomplished that goal.” Head Coach Adrian King said with some confidence.

“This team is still new. We are getting better, and we are seeing things shine through. We are also trying to find who plays well with each other, which is really important at this stage. When we figure out who gels well together, when we find our mojo, I think really good things are going to happen.”

Two notable players for the Mechanix were offensive players Austin Engel and Johnny Bansfield. Both had not only great hucks that got the best of the Wildfire defense, but also great skies deep that kept Detroit’s hopes alive.

Chicago’s Pawel Janas accounted for the most passes in the game with 52, but also had the most turns with 7. Alex Champe returned to the team to provide 3 scores for the offense, while also seeing the most minutes played.

This week, the Chicago Wildfire head to Madison, Wisconsin to face off with the Radicals. Known for being one of the best teams in the league these past few years, Madison will put the pressure on for the Wildfire. Chicago is young, but they are learning. With a new mixture of players seeing time together, hopefully the boys will find a way to work some magic against the perennial playoff contenders.




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